AMF Encode/Decode Library for Java

Comment form issue (No explanation for each input) is fixed.
In conclusion, it is just a bug of the theme(Arjuna X 1.6.7).

Fixed details.

Target File: ‘wp-content/themes/arjuna-x/templates/comments/reply-form-advanced.php’

  Wrong: <?php esc_attr(…
  Correct: <?php echo esc_attr(…

There are 7 same mistakes…

I studied about web design at Degital Hollywood.
It was pretty nice class. And it made me thought…

I found that this site design is not good for my purpose.
I’m trying to change site design…

I uploaded a sample code to connect with Google App Engine by AMF.
(Source code is Apache2.0 licence)

In case of using GAE, we may not need BlazeDS any more?

Today, I made a presentation about AMF3
to share the knowledge of developing AMF48.

I will attach these documents. (sorry for japanese only…)

The Truth of AMF3(PPTX)
The Truth of AMF3(PDF)

I found a bug for generics array. This release is for this bug fix.
This time, I added a jar file for developers, which include source and class files.