AMF Encode/Decode Library for Java

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Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語.

I got full marks for DevQuiz, which is required to join Google Developer Day 2011. Today I just upload the image…(Because, DevQuiz is still open.)

GAE’s channel API provide client library only for JavaScript. That is why, I thought that it is difficult to use channel API from Adobe AIR. But it looks possible…At least, my test code is working… Anyway, I need rewrite my code for better structure.

Comment form issue (No explanation for each input) is fixed. In conclusion, it is just a bug of the theme(Arjuna X 1.6.7). Fixed details. Target File: ‘wp-content/themes/arjuna-x/templates/comments/reply-form-advanced.php’   Wrong: <?php esc_attr(…   Correct: <?php echo esc_attr(… There are 7 same mistakes…

I studied about web design at Degital Hollywood. It was pretty nice class. And it made me thought… I found that this site design is not good for my purpose. I’m trying to change site design…