I’m making a AMF3 Encode/Decode library for Java.
I believe it is useful for somebody…
Then, I decided to make it open under Apache2.0 licence.

#You can download the library from above ‘Download’ page.


  • Auto type conversion at decoding.
    • For example, target type is BigDecimal, string will be decoded as BigDecimal.
    • Even if AMF data does not have class name(Like Map data), assign target class name is used to make a instance.
  • Java5 ready
    • Enum encoding and decoding are supported.
    • Generics is supported. (For example, the element class of List is resolved, and used at decoding)
  • Flash Player 10 ready (No official information…)
    • Vector decoding is supported.
    • Dictionary decoding and encoding are supported.
  • No depended library
    • Only Java standard library is used. Then, easy to use.
  • Verbose mode
    • AMF data structure can be shown at encoding/decoding.
  • Easy customizable
    • Encoding rule can be added/modified for each target class.
    • Conversion rule can be added/modified for each target class.

*As for detail usage, see test cases under ’usage’ folder(Source distribution has these classes)
*Limitation: Currently, XML data type(Marker: 0×07, 0x0B) is not supported.
*Limitation: The functionality of vector enco
*At least, Java 5 is required. Java 6 is recommended. (Binary distribution is compiled by Java 6)